Hello, World! We’re Waters + Bennett.

Hello, World!

Lee Waters and Brityn Bennett here and we’re officially beginning this blog, aptly titled Waters + Bennett as a Solutions Dispensary for ourselves, our friends, and any parents whom will benefit from our writings. This is our first post and will give you an introduction to who we are and our point of existence in the blogosphere.



We’re just your average type A soul sisters–which means that we’ll be quite offended if you think there’s anything average about us. Lee got an idea to begin a blog and knew that Brityn was the one person with whom she could work well with on such a venture. Both of us are motivated by control and fun, so it’s an unusual personality type that can stand to work with either of us. Haha, we’re “special”! Luckily, we have each other for projects like this.


What started as casual brainstorming–amidst our struggle to transition from grad students to professionals to parents–grew into what we now affectionately call the Solutions Dispensary. We speak together regularly about ways we can improve our lives, help one another find solutions to daily issues, and bring sanity back to motherhood. Between the two of us, our experience is varied and unusual, and frankly, produces some killer ideas. Our think tank expanded to helping friends and now to you.


Worn out yet? Yes, of course you are. You’re an adult! In the twenty-first century. And that’s where we come to your rescue. Waters + Bennett is a gathering, personalizing, and synthesizing of realistic solutions. You can excel in this busy, demanding, pressurized, twenty-first century world! Or at least get a laugh at all of this…because no woman was ever stressed further by laughing.?

Solidarity, mom folk!