Dressing Like an Adult: How to Get Ready for the Day Faster

I’ve written about the importance of dressing like an adult each day and how to do it, but for many of us the time required to get ready for each day is simply too much–so we don’t.
Further, when B wrote about the Pre-dawn Power Hour, she didn’t mention getting ready for the day as the purpose for the entire hour. Meaning, if you use that hour to plan out your day, meditate, nurture yourself, or what have you, you still don’t have much time for personal grooming and dressing once your kids are awake. So, let’s talk about solutions to get ready for the day faster!



Take excellent care of your skin at night.

I’ve worked it so that my morning facial routine is down to washing with water and a facial wash cloth, a little toner and a moisturizer with SPF. All the serums, exfoliating agents, etc. get used at night. Sometimes my skin will need a little more love in the morning, but for the most part the heavy lifting and longer routine is done at night. PS: NEVER go to bed with your makeup on…just don’t. Every time I skip my nighttime facial regimen, I look worse the next morning–which means wasted time in the bathroom trying to correct what’s happening underneath my skin.


Take your vitamins at night with dinner (if possible).

This is not medical advice, but many supplements need to be taken with food, so dinner is a great time for me, rather than in the morning when I’m rushing to get out the door.

Floss at night.

It’s one more thing that can go by the wayside in the morning and if you miss too often, your dentist is likely to be disgruntled at your next exam. I always get nervous when someone has whirly and drilling sounds going on in my mouth and is agitated. Not a good combo! Floss at night.



Cut down what you’re doing to get ready.

I received an epilator for Christmas two years back and it has been wonderful. I use it religiously on my underarms and it leaves them virtually hairless for up to 6 weeks. I use it equally on my legs from the knee down to my feet in the summer, and less frequently in the winter. I haven’t bothered with my upper legs, because I just don’t grow very much hair there (TMI?) and the pain isn’t worth it. Nonetheless, using this epilator about once a month makes it so I only pick up my razor to quickly get rid of any extra baby hairs about once a week. Pain for using the epilator on my lower legs and underarms = TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Brityn has also been treating herself to electrolysis for her legs over the last year or two. She’s loved the results and mostly appreciates saving all of that time in the shower. I believe she’s got a lifetime guarantee on her results as well, so she literally never has to pick up a razor for her legs again!

There are several other options for cutting down your shower time that involve hair removal. If you’re looking to do it, consider it an investment in your time.

Reassess how much you need to shower.

People have strong feelings about this, but not everyone needs to shower with soap every single day. Some of you are even showering twice a day. This blows my mind, but I am a less frequent shower-er, based on science and because I simply don’t enjoy spending much time in the shower. It does feel good, I get that, but at this stage of my life I just don’t see how I can get everything done and spend 12-15 minutes in the shower every day. The varying length of time depends on how much children’s crying I’m trying to block out and if my hair needs washing… If I’m doing an intense, sweaty workout, I’ll either shower and wash my hair, or shower and not wash my hair depending on what Day hair I’ve got. I don’t always lather up with soap on my entire body though. If you want a fascinating read about the history of our Westernized ideals of cleanliness and how they came to be, check out the book The Dirt on Clean: An Unsanitized History. It was SO GOOD!

“Bathing will remove odor if you’re stinky or have been to the gym,” she says. But in terms of protecting you from illness, washing your hands regularly is probably adequate. – Dr. Elaine Larson,  an infectious disease expert and associate dean for research at Columbia University School of Nursing. Source.



Reassess how much you need to wash your hair.

You don’t need to wash your hair every day (Time.com). I have fine, but thick, oily hair and I wash mine every 5-7 days. I’ve got post coming soon on how to train your hair to need less washing. Until then, check out this girl’s tips. AWESOME ideas!

Have a plan of action for your hair

…to make it last longer than 1 day before shampooing again. A personal example: Day 1- I wear it down and straight because that’s how it dries the easiest. On Day 2- I apply dry shampoo and use a curling wand to make loose waves. These waves last Days 3-4. On Day 4, I will re-apply dry shampoo. From Day 5 and forward, I’ll plan to wear my hair up in various styles (pony tail, braids, braided crown, etc.) or under a hat until it is going to be washed again.

Find a stylist who really understands your hair

…so that it is falling in a style that is natural and easy to maintain for you. There’s really no need to spend an hour doing your hair each morning. Or 5 minutes before giving up and feeling like you’ll never have “good hair”. Everyone can have good hair, but it takes getting it cut well, working with nature and not against it, and learning to care for it properly first!



Take 5 minutes on the night before and choose an outfit.

You’ll obviously need to check tomorrow’s weather, but it’s so much easier than waking up and attempting to scheme about fashion while little people are pulling at you, the flow of the day has begun and the dog is barking at the door to be let out into the yard.

Arrange 3-5 “perfect”, go-to outfits

…at the beginning of each season and sketch them out, take a pic of them on your phone, or write down the details on a Post-it note in your closet. These outfits will be ideal on those days when you just don’t know what to wear. If you find you’re reaching for one particular outfit quite often, try and rotate a few differing accessories to keep it looking fresh.

Consider a capsule wardrobe

…full of items in which you feel confident, so you waste less time trying on things that make you say “meh” and then try yet another piece.



Start part of your routine during your Pre-dawn Power Hour.

Take just 5 minutes and do something that you know will be much easier when the kids are not awake. Example: showering, doing your makeup, getting dressed, etc. Just one thing. The main purpose of the Hour is for you to focus on you, your state of mind, and your goals–so getting completely ready then may not be the best use of that time–but a few minutes is totally acceptable.

I hope at least a few of my ideas help you in shortening your morning get-ready routine. If you have additional ideas, please leave them in the comments. I’d love to hear more tips from y’all!

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