In Real Time: Are we going to end up like the dinosaurs?

Because this February spring that’s happening, though incredibly lovely, is kind of freaking me out!
I live in Virginia and we’ve had several weeks now of a cycle of highs in the 60s and 70s, followed by a “cold” day where the high is 50*F. Um, what?! In actuality, I’m concerned less about our immediate extinction and more with how hot this summer is going to get when I’m pregnant and about the size of my first out-of-college apartment. I don’t believe that I’ve mentioned that tidbit on the blog, but by the by, I’m almost 20 weeks pregnant. Feel free to send me all the (virgin) umbrella drinks. Thanks!

Snapchat was my photographer today.

What’s new with y’all? Any vacations or summer plans that you’re making? We’ve got a couple of little half week summer getaways with the kids before the baby comes, but mostly I’m getting pumped about a trip Sam and I are taking to Maui in several weeks. You observant folk noted correctly that our children will not be joining us. I’m thrilled about that, though I do miss them. Promise. Brityn is also planning a trip sans kids to the even more incredible location of Italy in mere days. Ugh, I’m so happy for her, and also very jealous, and also super excited to hear her take on Italy as she appreciates the arts like I do and this will be her second visit. In my daydreams, she’s planning to write me a 2373 page personalized travel guide for my own future Italy trip (I’ve never been) with all sorts of anecdotes, sketches, and observations on Italian everything.

Until Maui, I’ll be busting my not-fat-but-ever-growing arse as I train for a local 10k race that I signed up for way back when…I think I had just found out I was pregnant and already was too dumb to do the math that I’ll be almost 24 weeks pregnant on race day. For those of you who are gazelles and cannot help but run multiple times a week, this might not seem like a big deal, but I am not running’s biggest fan! I run so I can cake–caking is a verb in my book, just so you know. Also, reminder that I’m getting bigger every day. And I might only practice 1-2 times weekly. And some of those practices might be mostly walking. Sigh. Feel free to pray for me after you send those umbrella drinks!

Snapchat also did my makeup today, HA!

I hope all of you have a weekend planned with at least one thing that you’re looking forward to–a party, grocery shopping without the kids, being in nature (for the South Eastern readers who are sweating and still delaying packing up their sweaters until the fall), Netflix and chill/ice cream/wine/late bedtime, or maybe just not having to be at work or to work when fewer people are there to bother you. Whatever it is, I hope you focus on the positive this Friday-Sunday and enjoy it. Next week, I’ll be posting about ways to wash your hair less…so you can party more. Obviously.



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