In Real Time: Manners + Minivans

I had my 20 week checkup and anatomical scan for my baby this past Thursday. We’re having a boy and overall, he’s looking healthy! Naturally, our family’s weekend plans now include looking at mini-vans. (!!!!I’m excited!!!!) Remy already has opinions about the color and how many we should look test drive. She’s requesting light blue or red, if you’re curious. And she thinks we should look at “65”, but that’s her numerical response for any question involving numbers these days. Funny, but we never asked her how many she thought we should test! That girl has an opinion on everything right now though, because she’s 4 and knows things.

Update: By the time I added a picture to this post, we’d already been inducted into the van “cult”!

During the ultrasound on Thursday, Remy smiled grimaced (?) and face palmed herself when the technician told her, “it’s a boy!”. After this momentary slapping of her own forehead, she moved quickly from shock to denial and spent the rest of the session asking her brother periodically, “Graham, do you want a boy or a girl?” and “Graham, but don’t you want a girl? Girls are fun!” until he relented and began telling us he too wants the baby to be a “guhll”. Well, there’s not much we can do about that. Eh…they’ll be fine. I’m told that kids are resilient.

Brityn is flying off to Italy today (without me, wahhhh!) and totally deserving of a break, so I’ll be handing the content of the blog for the next few weeks. Speaking of blogs, I was reading some today and had to point you to one of my new favorites, The American Moms. The post I read this morning is called Teaching Kids Manners Before They Embarrass Themselves (And You) and it looks to be the beginning of a series of posts on the how-to of teaching your little, and big, ones m-a-n-n-e-r-s. Oh, how society needs this refresher! I am pumped to read about it. You might be interested, too?

I feel like I am actively trying so hard to teach my kids manners. However, when I see Graham, pants less (as he so often is these days) and crawling over the back of the sofa and across the banquet, or pointing at strangers in public and loudly labeling the colors of clothing they’re wearing or announcing their hair color, I feel like I might be failing. But this post reminded me that manners are more than levels of hyperphysical activity, commentary (and perhaps, nudity), and that it’s never too late to teach them new tricks.

I’m feeling optimistic on this Saturday. I hope it treats you well.



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