How to Drink More Water

Water makes up the majority of our bodies, but is lost through exercise, sweating, breathing, illness, urination, etc. You know, basically everything and anything! To keep your body functioning at its peak levels, lost water must be replaced–especially on these warmer (or hotter-than-Hades, for those in Arizona) days of summer.

How much water do I need?

Though some high water content foods do contribute to your water consumption (think broth-based soups, celery and apple), “the Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake (AI) for men is roughly about 13 cups (3 liters) of total beverages a day. The AI for women is about 9 cups (2.2 liters) of total beverages a day…Pregnant women [should] drink about 10 cups (2.3 liters) of fluids daily and women who breast-feed [should] consume about 13 cups (3.1 liters ) of fluids a day” (The Mayo Clinic).

The Mayo Clinic defines a “cup” as containing 8 ounces. All liquids technically count toward your intake, but caffeinated and alcoholic beverages will not hydrate you as well as those liquids without caffeine or alcohol.

How to get enough water?

  • Keep a water bottle handy at all times. I LOVE (and use) this 24 oz. Contigo Water Bottle. Figure out how many times you’ll need to refill your bottle throughout the day to get your AI.
  • Make a goal to drink about 60-75% of your water before 2 PM. I find that my afternoons get busy and liquid intake goals are forgotten in the rush of picking kids up, wrapping up the work day, making dinner, etc. Handling the bulk of my water intake before the afternoon means I’ll more than likely reach my goal before 7 PM. I don’t like to drink after that point, to avoid having to get up too often at night to pee.
  • Ask Siri or Google to remind you at intervals to get up and refill your water bottle. “Hey Siri, remind me every day at 8 AM, 10 AM and 2 PM to drink a full water bottle…” She has to obey you!
  • Add flavor to your water–especially in the morning. I wake up THIRSTY, but have little desire to plain drink water first thing in the morning. I try not to drink a bunch of juice first thing either because of its sugar. My solution: I love squirting a bit of lemon juice into two full glasses of water every morning before even launching into breakfast. With my 14 ounce glasses, that’s 28 ounces out of my recommended AI of 80 ounces (for pregnant women) out of the way very quickly.
  • Other flavor options: herbal tea bags, chunks of frozen fruit, naturally flavored drink packets, essential oils (only those which are considered safe to ingest and only in small quantities), etc.
  • If remembering your water first thing in the morning is an issue, fill up your glass or water bottle the night before and make it the first thing you see in the fridge the next morning. Preparation makes all the difference!
  • If you feel hungry at some point throughout the day (that’s not a planned mealtime), try drinking 8 ounces of water before snacking. Often we mistake hunger for thirst.

Do you have any additional hydration strategies? I’d love to see them in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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