In Real Time: 18 days-ish

I’ve got 18 days left of this pregnancy, according to an app on my phone. Not according to any medical professional or anyone that actually knows me, nor anyone who knows that my children love to give me the proverbial middle finger in any way that they can–as demonstrated by both Remy and Graham arriving AFTER their due dates. My hypnobirthing book tells me I should not use the word “due date”, but instead “guess date”. Really? “Guess date” sounds more like a mentally involved experience that I’m just too tired for, but point taken. Babies are gonna do what babies are gonna do.

Overall, I’m doing well.

On the Fourth of July when everything got REALLLL hot. Notice that ankle swelling, though.

Mentally, I’m planning to go a week late, so anything before then will be gravy. And anything after will put me in the looney bin. Are you listening, baby??? Physically, I’m beginning to have all sorts of grinding sensations on my cervix when I lean forward, but I’m finally sleeping well and have not had any migraines for almost 6 weeks, thanks to this magnesium spray!!!! Emotionally, I still don’t know how I’ll handle having three kids, but I worried about that with Graham and look at how normal he is turning out! LOL! Logistically, I’m ready. I’ve got clothes washed, a place for baby to sleep, car seat installed. Check, check, check. Am I missing anything?

Quick funny and frustrating story for y’all. I haven’t been able to find my nursing bras in the attic–or a good deal of my maternity clothing–after searching for months. I went through EVERY plastic storage bin I had for babies and out of season clothes, and even checked other areas. Yesterday, so that I could actually finish packing my hospital bag (yes, the one you’re supposed to have packed at 35 weeks), I finally broke down and spent a bunch of money ordering new bras on Amazon only to check the Christmas section of the attic where I found a random storage container holding my Belly Bandit, four nursing bras, two maternity shirts and a maternity dress! Hallelujah!!!!! The Amazon order is now canceled and I have “new” clothes to wear for these last few weeks. It’s the little things everything, people.

My plan for the last few weeks of pregnancy includes the following.

  • Get a prenatal massage.
  • Have the house professionally cleaned.
  • Clean out my car.
  • Hunt down whoever (self included in this search) put that plastic storage bin with the Christmas stuff. Grrrr.
  • Eat more ice cream–I didn’t have many sugar cravings for the majority of this pregnancy, and now they are here, in a big way.
  • Look no more at the scale. What’s done is done.
  • Spend more time in the pool with Remy and Graham.
  • Go out for one more girls’ night–but only if it can start by 6:30 PM. Ha!
  • Make a few more freezer meals.
  • Watch more TV.

I feel good about it. If you have any suggestions for this pregnant lady, let me know in the comments! I hope your summer is going well! Thanks for reading.




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  1. I’m so excited for you and hope the baby makes a timely entrance! My third one taught me it’s ok to let things go sometimes. You’re completely outnumbered! ?

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