Migraine Update after using Topical Magnesium

I’m weirdly excited to tell y’all that I had my first migraine in 15 and 1/2 weeks in the middle of last night. Why would I be excited about this? For two reasons, and they both have to do with topical magnesium spray.

Topical magnesium spray prevents and treats migraines.
This is an old picture, but it describes how I feel about topical magnesium spray.


Reason #1 I’m excited:

15.5 weeks = 108 days = 1728 waking hours without pain, blindness, nausea, or light and noise sensitivities.

I told y’all in my last post about migraines that I was anxious to see how this topical magnesium worked. And it did work!!!! Until last night, but I’ll get around to explaining that.

How I Used Topical Magnesium to Prevent Migraines

  1. Applied 30 sprays all over my body once daily. I did it right before going to bed and I did it religiously–never missing! I kept this up for two months, then my bottle ran out. Naturally, I used Amazon Prime to order a bottle before I missed a day’s application!
  2. To try to use the least amount and still prevent migraines, I reduced my application to 25 sprays every day, again–never missing a day. I did this for almost another month. Then I had baby Harvey…
  3. I got realllll tired after having my sweet baby. Makes sense. Due to exhaustion/memory loss/general newborn mayhem I began forgetting to apply the spray a day or so a week. Since I wasn’t getting any migraines however, I thought maybe I could cut it down to 20 sprays a day.
  4. After cutting it down to 20 sprays a day over the course of the last couple of weeks, I’ve forgotten to apply it every 24 hours, but instead remember every other day or every 30 hours. Amidst all of this, I’m still getting up with a seven week old baby at night and my other children are in their first couple weeks of school. Oh, and we are throwing a big old birthday party this Friday for them. Basically: I’M STILL TIRED.
  5. For me, sleep deprivation is a trigger for migraines, as is stress, and I’ve got those in spades. So it makes sense that I got a migraine last night after only applying 20 sprays (but having skipped it the day before), then  crashing in bed; dehydrated and exhausted.

But the Good News is…Reason #2 I’m excited:

After I woke up with the migraine’s aura in full effect (it’s normally a 30-60 minute process for me), I immediately got out of bed and applied 5 sprays of the topical magnesium spray all over my face–dodging my eyes and mouth. And wouldn’t ya know it…

My aura DISAPPEARED within 2-3 minutes. No more sparkling acid trip show for my eyes; not even a little fuzziness!

I returned to sleep (confused, I’ll admit).

I awoke in the morning with no light or sound sensitivity.

Y’all. These things are huge to me! I cannot promise that this product will work for you, and I’ll remind everyone that I’m certainly no physician, but if you struggle with migraines, what do you have to lose by trying this spray? Don’t say $40 either, because there’s a 60 day period to return the spray if it doesn’t work for you, whether you order through Amazon.com or ActivationProducts.com. Note: the 8 oz. bottle used at 30 sprays daily lasted me two months. That’s $20/month to be migraine-free. #worthit

I’m re-committing myself to 25 sprays every single day. Maybe I can get to 20 migraine-free weeks this time? Here’s hoping!