2 Ways to Grow Longer Eyelashes


Most kids have incredibly long eyelashes!

Most adults don’t have incredibly long eyelashes…

Adults may have shorter eyelashes, and even suffer loss of lashes due to several reasons, including: age slowing the natural cycle of hair growth, irritants in the eye area, allergies, physical trauma, etc. (source 1, source 2).

I don’t know when my eyelashes became shorter, but earlier this year I noticed it big time. Mine were not curling well and even mascara didn’t seem to give much effect. At this time Facebook and Instagram were laden with before and after pictures of eyelashes, courtesy of friends who sell Rodan and Fields. R+F’s product LashBoost definitely gives visible results–hooray for all these luscious lashes (and their owners) on my feed! However, I didn’t want to drop $150 on my eyelashes. Here are 2 alternatives.


NeuLash for Eyelash Growth

NeuLash is also $150 for the larger size through most online retailers, but I found it on Amazon–legit and less expensive! Here’s how I’ve used it.

  1. For almost 3 months (until I saw the growth I wanted), I applied it every night to my upper eyelash line. One dip and one stroke across each eye.
  2. I now apply it twice a week to maintain my results (eyelashes fall out and grow in cycles).
  3. I didn’t have any irritation, but this could be unique to me.
  4. I purchased the .2 oz. size in July of 2017 and in September, I was asking Sam, “Don’t you notice how long my eyelashes are?”
  5. In November, friends were asking me if my eyelashes were real. LOL
  6. It’s simplified my makeup routine greatly! Because my eyelashes and eyebrows are so full, I need only use my favorite brow mascara and eyelash mascara, making my regular eye makeup is SIMPLE (Pssst: 4 Steps to Gorgeous Eyebrows).
  7. Supposedly the .02 oz. size tube will last up to 9 months. Here’s a smaller  3.2 mL size.

I don’t have a before photo (I honestly didn’t think the product would work), but here are my lashes in their current state.

I’m not wearing any eye makeup in this picture. Sorry for the state of my pores though…I’m blaming late nights playing holiday games with family, and not washing my face before crashing into bed.
I AM wearing one coat of mascara in this photo (and powder, brow gel, and lip stain–if we’re confessing all), but man! Look at those lashes!

Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth

I confess that I have yet to TRY castor oil on my own eyelashes, but when an organic, cold-pressed (this process keeps much more nutrients in an oil) option comes in under $15 with such stellar reviews (and pictures to prove it), you include it. Once my NeuLash runs out, I also confess that I plan to try castor oil to maintain my results. For the price, why not?!

  1. Application is the same as the neuLASH; one stroke across each lash line with the included applicators, or use the spooly to swipe across your eyebrows. You will need to eventually replace the spoolies and applicators as it only comes with a few.
  2. Check out this before and after–and the others within the reviews.


Keep Your Eyelashes Long

  • Use an oil based eye makeup remover to easily remove your eye makeup and leave lashes moisturized. I love plain coconut oil to remove mine. A non-foaming type of cleanser also works well.
  • Remove eye makeup EVERY NIGHT. I won’t pretend I’m not bad at this.
  • Replace eye makeup products within their expiration time frames.
  • Avoid rubbing eyes if possible! If your eyes have been itching for more than a few days, check in with your doctor, as you may have allergies that need to be addressed.

Let me know if you’ve ever found a way to make your eyelashes grow longer in the comments! Are you willing to try one of these options? Thanks for reading.







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  1. I noticed my lashes and my brows thinning as I was going through menopause. I was skeptical of all the products out there & had my doubts but found 2 that work and use each evening. RapidLash & RapidBrow. You can buy them at various stores but I purchase them at Costco as they have the best price. You have to use them consistently once at night for roughly 6 weeks to see results. Now I am in maintenance mode and apply them about 4-5 nights a week. Love these products. May very well try the castor oil also.

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