How to Stay the Same Size this Holiday Season

Post-Halloween I feel like I’m walking on a slippery, very sugary, slope until January. Since sugar and fat go together better than just about anything else in the physical world, and with the availability of it this time of year, the temptation becomes unreal.

I WILL indulge in good things until January, but I’m NOT trying to regain all of the weight I lost after having my baby earlier this year! As I noticed some extra “stuffing” after Turkey Day this year, this seems a relevant time to share some ways I’m trying to keep off extra pounds this holiday season.

Sugar cleanse, here and there.

You can do a sugar cleanse (where you don’t eat refined sugars) for a length of time to reset your cravings. It doesn’t have to be 24/7 or eternal, however. You could refrain from sugar during the work week or you could swear it off from now until the week of Christmas–whatever seems reasonable, and not depressing, for you. Aside from three predetermined holiday parties I’m attending, my goal is to say “no” to white sugar until Christmas Eve.

Portion Control and Quality Control.

There are books written about how to manage portion control, but at the end of the day it comes down to quality to me. Are the calories worth it? For a bakery cake drenched in chocolate ganache, YES. For two bags of M&Ms, not so much. Just my opinion…

Schedule in some dates at your gym or to walk around your neighborhood.

I’ve been walking early two mornings each week with some of my neighbors. It’s a fun, social way to exercise and it’s also already on my calendar. Looking forward to seeing these friends makes skipping my workout a little harder. If you enjoy going to the gym as well, or instead of walking around your neighborhood, why not schedule in dates with your gym? Put a little one-on-one time for your body in your planner or calendar. Knowing it’s happening in advance can actually make it happen…

I know this is a hard time of year, and indulgence is fun, but if you feel like it’s taking over your life or making getting dressed not fun, maybe it’s worth it to try one of the above strategies.