The Easiest Way to Crush Your Goals


Remember the New Year’s resolutions you made on January 1st? Are you still keeping them faithfully? Unfortunately a variety of friends and sources share with me that resolutions simply don’t work for them. Maybe this isn’t true for you, but it’s generally true for me. And as someone who loves self-improvement and a challenge, I still find myself making lists of things I want to change each January! Cut to feelings of anticipation, stress and failure every February.

Imagine how excited I was when Brityn shared something her friend recently shared with her about each new year. It really resonated with me.

Make a no-fail goal to do MORE.

It’s pretty darn difficult to fail a goal to “get up earlier than my kids more often in 2018″. Say for instance, you never got up earlier than your kids even once the entire year of 2017. If you get up earlier than those same kids at least once in 2018, you’re automatically crushing your goal.

Conversely, you can quite easily (and quickly) fail if your rigid resolution is to “get up earlier than my kids every single day in 2018”.

While the do MORE goal has flexibility, the resolution has no mercy for the unavoidable nights with nightmares or bed wetting or the flu, or the occasionally needed Netflix binge.

Will doing something MORE help with long term goals?

This do MORE of something approach may seem too easy and even unhelpful in terms of making long term changes in your life, but research states that no matter how small the success, success breeds success (source). This is because every time you succeed, your brain gets a dopamine hit. Dopamine is released in the pleasure region of the brain, making it easily addicted to the things that release it. Success–no matter how small–makes your brain want more of it, incentivizing you to keep crushing your goal (source and source).

I want MORE in 2018!

  • More…5 a.m. wake-ups.
  • More…physical movement.
  • More…letting go of FOMO.
  • More…play with my children.
  • More…grace with my husband.
  • More…”a-ha” moments in scripture study.
  • More…taking my makeup off at night.
  • More..accountable steps toward realizing a new business venture.

Tell me what you want MORE of in 2018.


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