Brityn Bennett

Photography by Rocio Hopson.

I grew up moving all over the western U.S., an urban girl from the best of cowboy stock. My life continues to be nomadic, but for the next few years I live in San Antonio, Texas with my husband Rich and three children under age six- Jamie, Roman, and Blythe. Since Daddy is a medical resident and in the Air Force, we miss him a lot and play hard when he’s home.

I have a BA in English literature from BYU and a masters in library and information science from Catholic U (Washington, DC). I’m a Jill of all trades, my resume including English teacher in Russia, Forest Service firefighter, lobbyist, and most recently, special collections work at the Virginia and Oklahoma Historical Societies.

I was a competitive runner from age 10 through college track, but am not at all competitive by nature; I still run lots of miles, but rarely race. I love mountains and hate the beach unless I’m surfing. I miss the days of spending my last penny on travel. I am whatever the opposite is of a foodie; Rich does the snobbing and the cooking. I was into minimalism before tiny houses and Marie Kondo were a thing. I can paint a mean watercolor, but refuse to paint walls. Too much of my brain space is dedicated to the history of fashion. The World Series is my favorite week of the year and I never miss the Banff Film Festival tour. I spend my days organizing and chauffeuring, and my nights pretending I’m still irresponsible- throwing theme parties, recruiting friends to go out, and running around Six Flags with my husband. Life is colorful and mine!





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