Lee Waters

Photography by Rocio Hopson.

I grew up in the Southern states and now reside outside of Richmond, Virginia with my husband Sam and kids, Remy, Graham, and the newest addition–baby Harvey. I attended undergraduate school at both BYU-Idaho (interior design) and BYU (art-education)..so yes, I’m a Mormon blogger-ha! I worked at two universities in Virginia prior to and while attending graduate school at VCU (interior environments).  I own my own interior design company, but I took an undetermined length break from it two years ago.

I can generally be found in the middle of a mess (hello, I’m home with kids during the day), reading instead of cleaning, planning to chop my hair off, trying not to curse in front of my children, drooling over organizing Pins, or trying to convince someone to have fun with me.

Did I mention that I love cocoa? Chocolate, obviously, but yes, even plain cocoa. I’m that food snob who brags about liking unusual foods like that. But I still love hot dogs fresh from a street vendor. So I’m also the non-germaphobe who doesn’t think twice about where food-prepping hands have been. Half of the time–I like to be on time, with a plan (and probably 4 backup plans) and I won’t do anything half way. The rest of the time–I’m looking for a dance floor, hauling my kids down the road for an unplanned adventure, and I could care less for living up to other people’s expectations. It’s fun, and exhausting 😉

Two personalities? Who knows, but it’s who I am and something I navigate every day as an adult and a parent. I’m constantly  trying to find a way to please both sides. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my attempts.






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