Craft a Nighttime Routine for ADULTS in Only 3 Steps

Today I'm focused on how crafting a nighttime routine (meaning you do it darn near every night) can help you improve your relationship with Sleep. And if you're like Brityn, who sleeps like a baby no matter what, this is still for you! Nighttime routine is vital to her for entirely different reasons she says-- mostly for recovering after a long day of frustration with two wild boys to better prepare for tomorrow.

It’s Complicated with: Sleep. Part 1.

Spoiler alert... Every day we wake up. I'm guessing no one is actually surprised by this, but how often are you surprised when the clock strikes 11 pm or 12 am, or worse (not that I'm judging!) and you're like totally shocked that you should be getting into bed? It may have happened at my house once or twice...again, no judgement … Continue reading It’s Complicated with: Sleep. Part 1.